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This photo was in a stack of old family photos but I have no idea what year this was taken, what war it is, or who these people are! I do have ancestors (a father and son) who served in the Civil War together by the name of Staples (the man who served as substitute for Lincoln) but I don't know if this is them. I don't even know if this is the Civil War, Spanish American, WWI... If anyone can help ID the era, branch of service, or has ANY clue about this photo I'd be so grateful!


Anthony Morano They are in the Army, the rifles they are holding is the Krag Model 1892 rifle. It could be from the Spanish American War. The Krag was replaced in 1903, although it was used by the National Guard after that. Tony
Jun 21, 2004 · Reply
Donald Pelton I agree with web455, the picture appears to be taken during the Spanish American War, but I was going by the uniforms instead of the rifles. Uniforms tend to change about every 20 years or so. After the Spanish American war and before World war 1 they adopted shirts that were about the same tone as the pants.
Jun 21, 2004 · Reply
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