One-hundred-tale ghost story gathering

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Ukiyo-e print illustration showing people gathered around a charcoal brazier to tell ghost stories, as a man creeps towards a lamp to extinguish one wick after each story, making the room darker and darker.
Kawanabe, Gyōsai, 1831-1889, artist
  • Book illustrations--1890.
  • Ukiyo-e--1890.
  • Woodcuts--Japanese--Color--1890.
  • 1 print (2 pages) : woodcut, color.
  • Illus. in: Gyōsai hyakki gadan. Tōkyō : Kaishinrō zō, Meiji 23 [1890].
  • Title devised by Library staff.
  • Published in: The floating world of Ukiyo-e : shadows, dreams, and substance / essays by Sandy Kita ... [et al.], New York : Abrams in association with the Library of Congress, 2001, p. 98.
  • Exhibited: "The Floating world of Ukiyo-e: shadows, dreams and substances," organized by the Library of Congress, 2001.


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