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Bernie Lee Opal is my great aunt. I remember her from when we visited the lake house on Lake Kampeska in Watertown, South Dakota when I was a teenager. Opal was so beautiful when she was young. She was married to Fritz Ellwein. He was killed in 1941 in a car accident.Opal had a difficult life, but she also had a good life. She had two loving sisters and many cousins who cared for her. And parents who were pretty wonderful people.
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Bernie Lee Opal's maiden name is Argo. Her father is Clarence Argo and her mother is Celia. Celia's maiden name was Wright. Clarence Argo, Celia's husband, is the son of Jeremiah Allen Argo who fought in the Civil War. His father was John Wesley Argo, a farmer born in 1818 who looked very much like Charlton Heston. He lived until 1884. His father was Jeremiah Argo who was born in 1791, fought in the war of 1812 and farmed 150 acres of land in Virginia. His father was William Argo, a farmer and minister who secured the land for his son Jeremiah. William Argo's grandfather was John Argo who came to America from Scotland in 1680.
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