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J. A. Nicholson born Campbell , Texas. 1888
Son of Jackson Van Buren Nicholson & Amanda (Mandy) Miner/Minor.
J V B Nicholson son of James M. Nicholson and Alla Maranda Buckner. James M. N., son of Alfred Ncholson and Mary Chastain. Alfred, son of John Nicholson & Susan Brown.These from N.C. and GA. Union CO.
Mandy Miner/Minor daughter of Martin Miner and Martha Patrick. Martha daughter Henry Patrick & Rachel M. Smith daughter of Briton Smith & Martha Williams , b-VA died TX. 1857
at Jessie Albert Nicholson, sulphur Springs, Texas Hopkins


Oneta Henry Jess Son of JACKSON VAN BUREN NICHOLSON B-1860 son of JAMES M. NICHOLSON B 1828 HALL CO. gA.

JESS son of AMANDA MINER Daughter of Martin Miner & Martha Patrick Miner
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