Paragone father and daughter, Massachusetts 1977

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Paragone father and daughter in Boston Massachusetts in 1977 - no first names offered: My father & I where trying to make my mother happy but sitting still so my mother could take a picture of us. She had a thing about pictures & today I am happy that she did. I was 8 years old in the snap shot. North End Boston Mass I love Daddy.
at North End, Boston , USA County, Massachusetts United States of America


Deanna Paragone - Richardson Daddy I want you know I think about you every day of my life. Even so you are in the other side of the world with God my hart beats for you and Ma. Please take care of her I know even so you married another woman you always loved ma. Thank you from deep part of my hart for loving her even so she was a pain at times. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KISSES. Don't leave my side please stay with me till Im with you
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