Parley Leon Fowler Fowler family photo
Nickii Fowler

Parley Leon Fowler

Not really certain of the date or location. My Grandpa's nick name was Jinx, and at one point he went around shoeing horses.

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PaulK. Ingram Jr. Nickii chances are this photo was taken after 1865 into the 1900's. The camera took too long for a horse to stand still ( about a half hour ) up till this time period. Even then I would quess sometime after 1900. That's why in most dauerroetype photos the people are not smiling becasue it took so long for the picture one's face would start to hurt from holding a smile.
Paul K. Ingram Jr.
Reply posted Dec 07, 2009 9:07 pm
April Braun Not true exactly, Paul. I have a full photo of my 3rd great grandfather on his horse, taken prior to 1865, as he died in a Union Prison Camp during the Civil War in 1863.
Taken from an article on [external link]...
"Early studio daguerreotypes required long exposure times, ranging from three to fifteen minutes, making the process highly impractical for portraiture. By 1840, improvements to the daguerreotype process enabled photographers to make portraits in a matter of seconds. Popularity of the daguerreotype declined in the late 1850s when the ambrotype, a faster and less expensive photographic process, became available."
Just an fyi, for anyone trying to date their photos! :-)
Reply posted Mar 20, 2012 6:37 pm
Photo taken at Hudson, South Dakota USA on