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The Parsley Family in 1950 in London, Laurel County, Kentucky.
Front row: Charles "Charlie" "Charley" and Ruth (Bowling) Parsley.
Back row: Dora Kathleen (Parsley) McFadden, Barton Kenneth Parsley, Charles Conrad "Cub" Parsley, Edna (Parsley) Langley, Beulah Fae (Parsley) Tuttle, Barbara (Parsley) McCracken, and Beckham Hayward Parsley.
All of Ruth and Charlie Parsley's children has this photograph. My grandmother made me a copy from her photo.
Ruth was the daughter of Alex Bowling (son of Mary "Polly" [Garland] and Isham Bowling "Bolling") and Lucinda McFadden (daughter of Mary Williams and Westerfield "Wesley" McFadden).
Charlie was the son of Margaret Ray (daughter of John and Nancy [Hodge] Ray) and Pleasant "Lee" Parsley (son of Mary "Polly" May).
I just want to add a note to this on my grandma, Beulah Faye (Parsley) Tuttle Caudle . One day in the early 1990's one of her grown up children was hearing a story on the Hillbillies from the Appalachian Mountains and made a comment to Beulah that their family (or ancestors) was probably like them in the past. Beulah got very angry. She said "My family is not like those people" and she added that her family looked down on people like that. They didn't like them. I think my grandma probably thought her daughter was talking about the bad Appalachian people because there are different types.
in London, Laurel County, KY


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