Party Program Snyder family photo
Karey Hughes

Party Program

This is a program for a "Rainbow Dinner Party." It is dated for September 10, 1929, and began at 6:00 PM. The name of Ethel D Snyder printed at the bottom. Inside the invitation, the hostess was Ernestine L Hoffman. Grace was said by Verna P Thompson. The list of Birthday Guests included: Robert F Dresel, John W Snyder, Mae A Dresel and Vera E Sandt. Dinner Guests included: Ethel D Snyder, Fred H Thompson, Edward O Hoffman, Maida B Hoffman, William I Dresel and Mabel A Dresel.
This program was purchased at an antique mall in Lewisburg, Union Co, PA. In addition to this program were about 25 photographs, mainly of children.
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It dose not say where this picture was taken ??? John W. Snyder was my brothers name.1941-1995. Our family came from Pa. to Ohio around 1900 fron york,Pa.Edgar P.Snyder
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