Past President pin, Joseph Roleson Roleson family photo
Randi Uhler

Past President pin, Joseph Roleson

This pin belonged to my great grandfather who died in New Jersey in 1927. Can anyone tell me what Fraternity or Group this pin represents? I have searched with much frustration.

The Mystery

What does the Initials stand for?

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Daniel Pinna Hi Randi- I believe I figured it out! Like you I couldn't find much about this pin with simple google searches (I just found another pin with "P O OF A" on ebay that looks similar). After a digging a bit deeper I found some tombstones with the same initials.

It turns out that this pin belonged to a Past President of the Patriotic Order of Americans (now known as Patriotic Order Sons of America I believe). This patriotic organization was organized December 10th 1847 to "preserve the public school system, the Constitution of the United States, and our American way of life".
Reply posted May 31, 2013 11:03 am
Photo taken at New Jersey United States of America
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