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This pin belonged to my great grandfather who died in New Jersey in 1927. Can anyone tell me what Fraternity or Group this pin represents? I have searched with much frustration.

Mystery: What does the Initials stand for?
in New Jersey United States of America


Daniel Pinna Hi Randi- I believe I figured it out! Like you I couldn't find much about this pin with simple google searches (I just found another pin with "P O OF A" on ebay that looks similar). After a digging a bit deeper I found some tombstones with the same initials.

It turns out that this pin belonged to a Past President of the Patriotic Order of Americans (now known as Patriotic Order Sons of America I believe). This patriotic organization was organized December 10th 1847 to "preserve the public school system, the Constitution of the United States, and our American way of life".
May 31, 2013 · Reply
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