Paul Yellig & Diane Ayers, 1966 PA Ayres family photo
Diane Ayres

Paul Yellig & Diane Ayers, 1966 PA

My maternal grandfather, Paul Kenneth Yellig, and me, Diane Ayres (age 10), in the spring of 1966 in North East, Pennsylvania. This is the year before he died of a heart attack at age 57. Photo taken with a Brownie camera in the front yard of my family's home in the countryside overlooking the GreatLake Erie. ... show more

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Diane Ayres It's almost hilariously ironic that a website devoted to family names could spell my name incorrectly. I mean, seriously? It's A-Y-R-E-S.
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Photo taken at The Ayres House, North East, Erie County, Pennsylvania USA on
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