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Young woman with child about 1910 in NEBRASKA ( Seward County or Lancaster County); the identity of the young woman is known: she is PAULINE SCHOLZ-TINGELHOFF(1886-1967); she emmigrated from Silesia/Germany in 1905 to Nebraska,married (about 1910)Frank Tingelhoff, later moved to Tacoma,Pierce County,WA and is buried at Wyuka Cemetery,in Lincoln,Lancaster County,NE.

From a (lost)letter of about 1910/20,, sent by Pauline Scholz Tingelhoff to her mother in Germany, the family "knew"(oral history), that the little girl should be Pauline's daughter ELEANOR. Families lost contact during the thirties; researches since 2002 brought some info about Pauline, at least about her grave. BUT NO TRACES OF THIS MYSTERIOUS CHILD! The only info about the girl is this photo. Who knows her? Is she really a child of Pauline? Died she in her childhood? Our family is sure, that the girl is related, because there are almost unbelievable resemblances to a living familymember...Please contact us, if you know something!
at SCHOLZ TINGELHOFF, Seward? Lancaster ?, NE


D Starr Eleanor Ann (Scholz)Hoffschneider b.Dec 6 1912 Seward, NE d.Jun 6 2004 Paxton, IL>husb Clarence (m. 10/11/1936)
Sep 21, 2008 · Reply
Angelika Tanterl This Eleanor Ann Scholz Hoffschneider was the niece of Pauline Scholz Tingelhoff - I have got contact to the family in Illinois; I sent the photo of the mystery girl, but they proved, that their Eleanor is definitely not the same(she looked quite different, had dark curly hair). So I'm still looking for this little girl - I guess that the name "Eleanor" might be wrong for this girl on the photo.
Nov 08, 2008 · Reply
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