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Peace & Democracy group present protests to Italian Embassy. Washington, D.C., April 8. While members of the Washington branch of the American League for Peace and Democracy walked with signs in a picket line a block away, a group of demonstrators walked up to the front door of the Italian Embassy and rung the bell. The door opened briefly, a protest was handed to the unknown attache who glanced at the demonstrators, took the letter, then hastily closed the door. While the group waiting, the door stayed closed, and seeing no answer was forthcoming, they rejoined the pickets who kept at a distance of 500 from the Embassy by police. The group was protesting totalitarian invasions of minority nations in Europe

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Harris & Ewing Collection (Library of Congress).

Harris & Ewing, photographer
  • Glass negatives.
  • 1 negative : glass ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller
  • Title from unverified caption data received with the Harris & Ewing Collection.
  • Gift; Harris & Ewing, Inc. 1955.
  • General information about the Harris & Ewing Collection is available at
  • Temp. note: Batch five.


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