Pearson Family Reunion? Ohio c 1895 Pearson family photo
Steve Pearson

Pearson Family Reunion? Ohio c 1895

Possible Pearson family reunion, between 1890-1900 near Rossburg Ohio: This is a copy of an old photo that I obtained from relatives in Darke Co., Ohio, Summer 2012. I am interested in identifying as many in the picture as I can. There are five individuals in this picture that I know for sure eitherfrom other positively identified pictures I have or other relatives telling me who they were. From the viewer's left to right consider the picture has four rows with all the children in the front, even if on a lap as row one. Row two are all the sitting adults. Row three are standing adults just behind the sitting. The fourth row starts with the white haired gentleman standing directly behind number two (heavy set women) in row three where you see from the nose up. The five I can identify are, my second great grandparents [ no 1 row four seen from nose up] Silas and [ no 8 or three to the right, (his), of the standing bearded man] Susannah (Coats) Pearson. Susannah's sister [ no six in the second row, sitting next to the bearded man - his right] Margaret "Peggy" (Coats) and her husband [ bearded sitting man second row] Rev David Stutsman Davenport. My great grandfather [ sitting two from D. S. Davenport next to the women in the loud striped blouse] David Stutsman Pearson. There are others that I suspect who they are but need proof. Please notify me if any others can be identified. I know the picture was taken before March of 1902 as that is when D. S. Davenport died. If I can identify the women in the striped blouse, I can narrow down the time of the picture within the decade of the 1890s. I think she may be Cora Tucker who happens to be my great grandfather's first wife and they were divorced by 1893. The picture was most likely taken near Rossburg Ohio on Silas and Susannah's farm. Another big mystery that I desire to solve is if you look close you'll notice that many of the individuals have some kind of badge or ribbon on their lapels or blouse/dress. What could this be? Can anyone recognize it? ... show more

The Mystery

See narrative regarding what the badges are on their lapels and also would love to know more names of who is who? Please note that I can send a better viewable picture to anyone interested. My e-mail is

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Photo taken at York, Darke, Ohio Rossburg, Darke County, OH 45362
Pearson Family Reunion? Ohio c 1895

Silas Pearson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Silas Pearson at 62 years old  ·  Susannah (Coats) Pearson at 62 years old  ·  Margaret Peggy (Coats) Davenport at 65 years old  ·  David Stutsman Davenport at 68 years old  ·  David Stutsman Pearson at 31 years old