Phoebe Loraine Bartholomew Bartholomew family photo
Adrian Balch

Phoebe Loraine Bartholomew

Phoebe Loraine Bartholomew, wife of Col. William Henry Sinclair. Col. Sinclair fought for the Union in the Civil War; after the war, he brought his wife and her sister and brother to Texas where they settled in Galveston.

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I have Ednah Jane Brtholimew b 1877 who married DeForest Sanford Johnson in West Bainbridge (or Oxford) NY 9/10/1856. They came west and died in Little YOrk, Il. DeForest 6/13/1897. Perhaps we have a connection. Marlena [contact link]
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Phoebe Loraine Bartholomew

Phoebe L Bartholomew

Born: Oct 6, 1840
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Phoebe L Bartholomew