Photocopy of photograph (from NBP-PNSY, CSF-3589-12-64)...

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Photocopy of photograph (from NBP-PNSY, CSF-3589-12-64) Replogle, photographer, September 23, 1921 View northeast from 350-ton crane (Haer no. PA-387-F) of Philadelphia Navy Yard. Drydock no. 1 (Haer no. Pa-387-A) is at center. This is the original timber drydock constructed 1889-1891 under the supervision of Robert E. Perry, explorer of the north pole. The riggers/sign shop (building no. 25) is above the drydock. Built in 1904, it is an example of renaissance revival industrial architecture at the time the photograph was taken it was used for a sheet metal, tool and inside shipfitters shop. - Naval Base Philadelphia-Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, League Island, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA
  • 4 x 5 in.


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