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On the back of this photo post card only the signature of __ __ Warren can be seen clearly.My grandmother was a warren and the photo card was given to her by my great-grandmother.My grandmother gave it to me along with some other photos just before she died.

Mystery: My feeling is that it is a picture taken somewhere along the eastern coast.It seems to be of a military type structure and I'm sure that at least 1 of the men seen in the tower is a Warren family member.My best guess ist that it is my ggrandfather George monroe Warren.I was told that he traveled with a carnaval before he became sick with Tuberculossis and died in his mid 40's.


Janet Tretter I am positive this picture was taken on the upper level at the old fort in St. Augustine, FL called Castillo de San Marcos. I have been there several times and have a photo of this corner location.
Apr 13, 2011 · Reply
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