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Portrait of a young man; a Ross family ancestor.

Mystery: This young man is an unidentified ancestor. Does his photo appear in your family album of ROSS, QUISENBERRY, ROSENCRANS or ROMAINE family members? During the late 1800's and early 1900s, our family lived in Kansas and Missouri-with Ross-specific ancestral ties to New York and Kentucky.
in Missouri


Joyce Ross-Button You also had ties with Burlington, Iowa. When our ROSS FAMILY went different directions - there were 3 brothers - William R. Ross, Sulifand Sutherland Ross & My GGrandFather - Christopher Columbus Ross. Sulifand died in Lovinia, Iowa. William named one of his sons in 'remembrance' of his brother - William Sutherland Ross, who is the father of William Junken Ross...there was a Book - CrossRoads In Kansas which shows how we R related. THANK-YOU!
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