Possible Cavagnaro Family Photo

Photo Details

Photo recently located in the attic of my husband's Aunt. His Aunt is the d.o. of Anna (Cavagnaro) Lake and the Grand Daughter of Joseph and Mary (Arata) Cavagnaro whom I believe are the couple in the picture.

Mystery: If the couple pictured are Joseph and Mary (Arata) Cavagnaro they were born in the Genoa Italy area and came to America and set up in Bridgeport CT where they had a daughter Anna. My understanding is that there were others from the family of Angelo and Rosa (Brichetto) Cavagnaro that settled there. Later the family moved to Chicago IL, California, Michigan and Oregon. The majority of the family moved to Chicago IL and then to Grand Rapids MI. I have a lot of pictures of the Cavagnaro family waiting to be shared.
in New Britain or Bridgeport , CT USA


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