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AncientFaces This unknown woman is believed to be a possible Civil War widow. Notice the man in the photo in her broach? What an outfit!
Oct 14, 2015 · Reply
Sylvia Hertel No, it's not torn. It's a pleat, just like the one on the other side of her skirt. Nobody in the U.S. knows what it's like to live in the middle of a war. The U.S. hasn't seen war on their own land in 150 years. We have things way too cushy here. Not only is there a lot of blood shed and death of loved ones, but watching your world go up in smoke, literally, everything you own; disease (plagues of all sorts, including an abundance of lice, typhus, diphtheria, cholera, etc. - those who don't die of gun shot, die of plague, and far more of them, than die of gun shot); listening to the guns going off all day; listening to the screaming of injured men all night; women and girls being raped (in some wars, gang raped to their deaths); no food to be had anywhere, which means going hungry for lengthy periods of time; having to steal the little food they do have, because the scarcity of it makes the prices go sky high, and there's no money to be had - a shoe box full of money being barely enough to buy a loaf of bread, maybe - in the better times; troops of soldiers demanding you prepare them a meal at gun point, which means that potato you planned for your family's meals for the next two or three days/nights, goes into a soup pot for those soldiers, who have food provided for them by their military, but they just want a home cooked meal; the scarcity of clean water, etc., etc., and those are only the kinds of things one can talk about years later. There are many other horrors that no word, or words can describe - only mute tears. This woman didn't just lose one or two loved ones - she lost everything that made life worthwhile. Her pose isn't unnatural, it''s as comfortable as she can get while she's waiting for the photographer to take the picture. The fact that she posed for such a photo, in her mourning clothes, with the picture of her husband at her neck, and the tin-type picture album, no doubt filled with the pictures of many other loved ones she lost, in her hand, is a statement in itself. It's not about showing respect for the dead, and those left behind - it's about the gross, unnecessary waste of war over things that could have been settled around a table, with a lot of desire to find a compromise, and a lot less hot headedness over having your own way. War is never the only way - it's only the only way for those who refuse to listen to the other person's side of the story, and demand to have their way - 100%. Respect for the other person, and their opinions and needs is what prevents war.
Nov 02, 2015 · Reply
Sylvia Hertel She wouldn't have had a picture of her husband in uniform. For one thing most soldiers made up their own uniform (see the story of George Custer, and his uniforms), but mostly, her husband isn't in uniform in the picture, because it's a picture of him before the war began. Why should she smile over a statement of the evils of war, and everybody and thing that is lost in war? People who talk about the lack of a smile over a photo like this, has no clue to the horrors of war. It's a proof of the superficiality - shallowness - of today's society.
Nov 02, 2015 · Reply
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