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The Women's Press Club put on a skit regarding the 1940 Presidential election. They wanted to instruct the potential next First Lady (and all women candidates) on how to be successful in Washington DC.

The skits "ran through different satiric phases of women in national politics and ended with the President being offered the job of President of Mars with the biggest WPA project yet - to fix up a wireless so that Mrs. Roosevelt can wire her column back to earth." (I guess they assumed that Eleanor Roosevelt would be the next - again - First Lady but all of the candidates' wives were there.)

Seen here: Mrs. Smith goes to Washington as a new senator, and learns her first lesson from the taxi driver who picks her up at Union Station. "Don't you keep a letter file - keep an incinerator, Senator." (If only Nixon had heard that . . . )

Driver, Katherine Wilson of the Des Moines Register and Tribune; Mrs. Smith, Emma Budbee, N.Y. Herald-Tribune

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Harris and Ewing
at Women's Press Club, Washington DC, District of Columbia USA


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