Price, Long, Hurley, & Caswell 1908

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(L to R) Willie Long, James Hurley, Lloyd Long (age 12), Spurgeon Price (age 13), Clarence Price (age 14), and Charley Caswell after Sunday School in 1908.

These boys worked in a mill in Gastonia North Carolina. They worked there between 2 to 4 years each, which means they all started around age 10. So young to work - but they clean up well!

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Lewis Wickes Hine photographer
in Gastonia, North Carolina County, USA


Daniel Pinna This photo was most likely taken by photographer Lewis H. Hine (1874 - 1940) who travelled across America from 1908 through 1912 photographing child (3+ years old) workers. The National Child Labor Committee began in 1904 and was chartered by Congress in 1907. In 1908, Mr Hine worked with the committee to document child worker conditions. This photo was most likely staged by the owner of the mill, having cleaned and clothed the boys before Mr. Hine arrived. In 1938 Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act or Federal Wage and Hour Law that set the 40 hour work week with a minimum wage (which at this time was only 40 cents).
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Susan Maree Jeavons One of the Price boys may have been my maternal great, great grandfather.
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