Priest - Wincenty Harasymowicz

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in Parzeczew, Poland


Daniel Pinna Karol - this is a fascinating photo. Do you know if this was of a seminary school? A school for boys to learn to become priests? I can not tell what the certificates show. Also, do you know anything about Wincenty Harasymowicz? Thank you SO much for sharing!
Dec 11, 2011 · Reply
[deleted] Hi Daniel - I am pleased that you became interested in this photograph. Priest Harasymowicz deserved it. He was born in Cydzyna (district Kolno) - 19 July 1870.From 1905 he was a parish priest in a small town Parzeczew (near Lodz in central of Poland).In the memory descendant stayed as the strict and requiring priest. In contacts with parishioners than outdistanced and cool.In the parish, as well as amongst local priests was pleased with a great personal authority.In later years of one's life had a crayfish of the nose. It made it difficult for him the freedom of action.In September 1939 it reached to very difficult and of dangerous situation. She played in the small small town herself - in Parzeczew.Germany in nearby villages and the settlement is catching about 200 persons all of. They are locking them up at the church, with the intention of executing by firing squad.The priest knew German well. With persuasion and begging he wheedled the pardon for everyone and saved their life. Later difficult times came in his life. On of one's birthday 19 July 1941 was under arrest. Concealing the own weapon was accused him. Withholding about killing and hiding the German soldier in September 1939 was accused him.This soldier was hidden in the garden of the presbytery. For these acts the priest became a Verdict of the court-martial sentenced by cutting with the axe to the capital punishment.On the convicted weren't managed however to carry the sentence out. On the tenth day from the conviction he died in a death cell (18 December 1941).

Priest Harasymowicz was friends with my great-grandfather (Jan Maslinski 1860). The great-grandfather died in 1944. A few days earlier one of his sons died (my grandfather). He was also called Jan Maslinski (1896-1944). The grandfather died as a result of the cerebral stroke, right after the exit from our house of the German commissioner. He took the secret of the conversation to the grave. After many years, I am precisely this many years old how many then my grandfather had. A year ago I learnt of new information about the fact that the grandfather along with the priest helped the certain family. The Internet caused that at one time I had placed removing my grandfather. In the distant country certain family recognised my grandfather. I learnt that during the occupation the grandfather had rescued the child for them... Difficult it was a period. Many persons had to be in hiding in a time of war. Children were being hidden which later it was hard to seek out. My grandfather cost it is own with life. This way I think.It is a long story. There are still other persons in it. These persons are very important to me. One should commemorate them. Priest Harasymowicz helped many persons with the time of War. He on purpose amended certificates of births. He rescued a lot of human beings. He brought people of all faith closer. For it their life counted.

There are children in a photo from the entire congregation. They then received their First Communion. There is my paternal uncle in this group (Tadeusz Maslinski). A church organist is standing on the sidelines, he also came from my distant relations, lived in our family house. He was called Koleczko. Which was there a year? I must more precisely establish it.I hope that you will understand my text. Greetings - Karol Maslinski
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