Providence Church Group Taylor family photo
MaryLouise Neal

Providence Church Group

This photo includes my grandmother's family. Parents, Jasper Gibbs Taylor, Mary Eliza Glasscocks Taylor, and their children: Harry E., Sarah LuElendor, Naomi Earl, Alma Vernal, Ocie Belle, and the twins Bill and Millie. Also, I suspect that Mary Eliza's parents are standing close to her in this photo. They are George Washington Glasscock and Eleanor Ruddick Glasscock. I can't be certain. I would like to identify other's in this picture. My great grandfather, Jasper Gibbs is the tall man on the right with his hand in his pocket. Any help identifying those in this picture would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at [contact link] ... show more

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Clydene Williams I think the third man (from the left) standing in suit with hat and beard is Thomas Davis Williams. I have another picture of him and this picture sure looks like him. [contact link]
Reply posted Apr 28, 2010 7:04 am
Photo taken at Providence Church at Taylor's Branch, Garfield or Rogers, Arkansas on