Puetz Family Girls, 1905 Brown family photo
Ron Houseman

Puetz Family Girls, 1905

Puetz Girls in 1905. In the photo: Anna Margaret (Puetz) Zehnpfennig, Rose (Puetz) Brown , Anna (Puetz) Reed, Julia (Puetz) Behrend, Elizabeth (Puetz) Bares, Josephine (Puetz) Walsh, Magdalena (Puetz) Brown, and Francis (Puetz) Endres,

Julia & Josephine are twins, Rose & my grandfather Henry weretwins. ... show more

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Photo taken at United States of America on
Puetz Family Girls, 1905

Rose (Puetz) Brown

Born: Apr 20, 1888
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Rose (Puetz) Brown at 17 years old  ·  Magdalena (Puetz) Brown at 14 years old  ·  Josephine (Puetz) Walsh at 31 years old  ·  Julia (Puetz) Behrend at 31 years old  ·  Elizabeth (Puetz) Bares at 24 years old  ·  Anna Margaret (Puetz) Zehnpfennig at 36 years old  ·  Francis (Puetz) Endres at 19 years old  ·  Anna (Puetz) Reed at 21 years old