Puetz Siblings 1938 Brown family photo
Ron Houseman

Puetz Siblings 1938

Puetz Family in 1938, brothers & sisters. My grandfather, Henry Puetz, is on the left in the front row.

In this photo: Henry Puetz, Rose (Puetz) Brown, Magdalena (Puetz) Brown, Josephine (Puetz) Walsh, Julia (Puetz) Behrend, Elizabeth (Puetz) Bares, Anna Margaret (Puetz) Zehnpfennig, Francis (Puetz) Endres, Anna (Puetz) Reed, John Puetz, Joseph Puetz, and Frank Puetz ... show more

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Photo taken at USA on
Puetz Siblings 1938

Rose (Puetz) Brown

Born: Apr 20, 1888
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Rose (Puetz) Brown at 50 years old  ·  Magdalena (Puetz) Brown at 47 years old  ·  Josephine (Puetz) Walsh at 64 years old  ·  Julia (Puetz) Behrend at 64 years old  ·  Elizabeth (Puetz) Bares at 57 years old  ·  Anna Margaret (Puetz) Zehnpfennig at 69 years old  ·  Francis (Puetz) Endres at 52 years old  ·  Anna (Puetz) Reed at 54 years old  ·  John Puetz at 67 years old  ·  Joseph Puetz at 60 years old  ·  Frank Puetz at 62 years old  ·  Henry Puetz at 50 years old