Ralph William Bennett, Orchestra Leader

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Ralph was the eldest child of John Lee Bennett and Zella Bishop. Lee Neal ([contact link]) wrote that Ralph's wife, Rhea Mae, along with one of his two children, daughter Beverly Belle, was killed in a train/auto accident up North, whereas his other daughter, Barbara Ann, although badly injured, did survive and lives in Houston. Ralph died 17 Dec 1944 in Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida, but that county has been unable to find a death certificate for him. He is buried with his parents at the Green Lawn Burial Estates in Butler, Pennsylvania.
in Florida


Lee Neal Actually he did marry and had two children. His wife and one daughter were killed in an automobile/train accident up North the surviving daughter was badly injured but did survive and lives on today in Houston.
Nov 29, 2005 · Reply
BettyJane Carl Dear Lee:

I just now became aware for the first time that you added a comment to my picture "Ralph William Bennett, Orchestra Leader" back in November. I think the message didn't get to me then was because AncientFaces was busy revamping its site at the time. The email address you used is no longer working, so I am having to ask all my questions here.

You must know the names of Ralph's wife and daughters. Would you be willing to send them to me, with the marriage date, the birthdates and birthplaces, dates and places of death, etc.?

Do you by any chance know about the Lee Bennett that was pictured in the Atlanta newspaper as a little girl years ago and whose picture is elsewhere on this site, i.e., whether she was Ralph's sister, or if not, how she was related, if at all?

Next, do you know when and where Ralph's Uncle Roy C. [Bishop] Carroll was killed in the mine cavein, and where he is buried? Also, where he was living?

Also, do you know whom Ralph's other Uncle, Willie Bishop, married, if he did, details about his life and family, where he lived, when and where he died and is buried?

I can't tell you how grateful I would be if you could help me with this information.

Thank you for writing.

Betty Jane Carl
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May 20, 2006 · Reply
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