Reath A. Sheeks Going Fishing With His Father

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Homer sent this picture postcard to John Edwin Carr and described Reath as "the handsome feller" standing and himself as the "little boy sitting in the right hand boat." He is the one who is wearing a white shirt & suspenders. I have learned that the boy sitting in the front behind Reath was Emery Sheeks. I do not know the names of his parents

Reath eventually married an Ellen Fields on 20 Dec 1924, and they had one son, Carol L. Sheeks, who had two children. Reath was a heavy equipment operator and one day, while razing the Old Terre Haute Brewing Company on the third floor, a wall and the floor collapsed under him and he and the machine fell to the second floor. He was recovered but he had been fatally injured and died 7 Nov 1961.
in Arkansas


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