Regina J Rapsin, Illinois Rapsin family photo
Shelley Vance

Regina J Rapsin, Illinois

A photo of Regina J Rapsin

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This is a photo of my grandmother Regina Rapsin. It was taken a long time ago but one of the few pictures that I have. The picture was a family picture taken of her and her husband Stanley and their sons, Thaddeus and Richard on the day of the boys first communion at Holy Cross Church in Joliet IL.
Oct 17, 2013 7:27 pm reply
Photo taken at Holy Cross Church Joliet, Illinois United States of America
Regina J Rapsin, Illinois

Regina J Rapsin (Kozlowski)

Born: Jul 17, 1902
Died: August 1995 (age 93)
Also in this photo: Regina J Rapsin (Kozlowski)