Richard Vannest Family, 1950's WA Vannest family photo
Judy Rosalez

Richard Vannest Family, 1950's WA

Richard Vannest Family,1950's WA: Richard Vannest 's children and wife
(L to R ) Rosemary, wife Edith, and Shirley;
(second row) Sharon, Delores, Richard, and James;
third row: David, Judy, and Larry.
Photo taken around early 50's in Spokane Washington . Oldest daughter Helen deceased

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Photo taken at spokane spokane , Washington USA on
Richard Vannest Family, 1950's WA

Rosemary Vannest

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Rosemary Vannest  ·  Edith Vannest  ·  Shirley Vannest  ·  Sharon Vannest  ·  Delores Vannest  ·  Richard Vannest  ·  James Vannest  ·  David Vannest  ·  Judy Vannest  ·  Larry Vannest