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This picture was taken at a family reunion in 1921.Frank Vaughn RICHISON, the baby to the far left in the back row gave this picture to me many years ago and helped me identify many of the individuals. If you can help identify the ones still in question, please contact me at [contact link].

Mystery: Back Row: Sylvia C.RICHISON, _____, Mary Louisa “Lulu” GIBSON RICHISON, Dallas Ray RICHISON holding Frank Vaughn, Guy Eli RICHISON holding Guy Dale, Carrie Estella STONER RICHISON, William Oliver RICHISON, Olive ALEXANDER RICHISON _____, _____, _____, Berley Oral RICHISON

Second Row: _____, _____, Frank Albert RICHISON, Sarah Jane DAVIS RICHISON, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, Ruby 'RICHISON' holding Paul RICHISON, _____

Third RowIrma Frances RICHISON, Wava Margaret RICHISON, Modjeska Pauline RICHISON, Reba RICHISON, _____, Glen Alvin RICHISON, James M. RICHISON, Carl Albert RICHISON, Ophir Orlo RICHISON, Herbert Meredith RICHISON, Charles Allen RICHISON, Robert RICHISON (A larger version of the picture can be found at [external link])


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