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This is an image of my father. ROBERT ALAN MANNING. I'm looking for anyone who knows anything about this mans family history.
i have been looking to try to complete this family histoy for over 30 years, and i hit dead ends all the time.

Robert Alan Manning went by the nickname Bob.
he was about 5'8-5'9 in height.
he was blond and had blue eyes, slim build.

he was (i was told) in the army at one point in his life. searches in that area have come up empty.

he is supposed to have a half brother names: JESSY/JESSIE/JESSE. (last name unknown)

his mother was (i was told) married a lot as he was growing up.
and his natural father (i was told also military) committed suicide somewhere in Texas.

I was told that he was a bigamist and
had several wives who didn't know about each other, and kids with all of them.
1st wife my mother found out about lived in Utah, they had 3 sons together.

then there was the wife just before my mother, he had a daughter with her, Cheryl or linda (mothers name is either of those 2, i cant remember who had which name)

and then me. i was born in 1967, in california, and the woman just before me and my mother was also in california. the daughter was a few years older than myself.
my mothers name is Gay Joanne SUITER Manning.
and in 1969, she either took me away from california, or this man (my father) left us.
and i have never seen him again.

if you have ANY information, regarding this individual, please, contact me.
thank you!
[contact link]
at California, Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, California USA


William Craig I do genealogy....what state was robert born?what was his age when you were born?
May 16, 2013 · Reply
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