Robert Curtes Traweek and Elizabeth Ann Powell Traweek

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Robert Curtes Traweek born September 21, 1787 in Wake County, North Carolina then moved to Clark County, Georgia where on January 25, 1810 he married Elizabeth Ann (Teresa) Powell born March 2, 1795 in Clark County, Georgia. He again moved to Butler County, Alabama in 1820 as one of the early settlers in the county after his father-in-law Henry Powell the first to settle in 1819. Robert was an industrious businessman founding a blacksmith shop in 1821 and a mill in 1825 at Breastwork Creek then he built the first frame house in 1827. He died in 1835 and his wife died in Wilcox County, Alabama in 1865. Elizabeth (Teresa) lived long enough to experience the loss of one son and many grandsons in the War of Northern Aggression. Robert and Elizabeth (Teresa) were the parents of Theresa Sobisca Traweek Ritchie.
at Home Forest, Butler County, Alabama USA


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