Robert L Cowick Cowick family photo
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Robert L Cowick

A photo of Robert L Cowick

About Robert Lawrence Cowick

Dad was Robert Lawrence Jr. and later RL Cowick II. Both he and my grandfather went by their middle names, Grandpa (Sr.) went by Lawrence, and dad went by Larry. Dad's brother was Donald E. and sister Barbara Jean. Great grandfather was a Robert Cowick. My father was an intelligent, kind man - who dearly loved the children he was given. He was a good mentor and taught us to have values, to question and to research. He never stopped being in our lives in some way and always with love. A good man. ...more info

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Robert L Cowick

Robert Lawrence Cowick

Born: Jul 8, 1922 in Kansas City, KS
Died: Jun 1, 1993 (age 70)
Also in this photo: Robert Lawrence Cowick