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Robert Lincoln Stiers and his wife, Mary Lora Lee (Scott). The children are (L-R): Luther Himman/Herman Stiers, Charles Thomas "Charlie" Stiers (standing next to his dad), the baby Martha Delphine Stiers (called Delphine), and the girl is Hattie Estell Stiers. The picture was taken in the Spring of 1904. The photo was in very bad shape. My cousin's wife repaired the torn picture and put a new face on the baby on Mary Lora Lee's lap. The baby is Martha Delphine. Her face in the photo had been destroyed from age and damage. She put another of Delphine's baby pictures' face on the baby's body (the hairline and body are the original image). There should have been three boys in the picture. The missing son is John Howard Stiers. We think he was originally on Robert Lincoln's knee, but someone years ago, wanting a picture of John Howard, must have clipped him from the photo (perhaps for a locket).
at Kensett, White Co, Arkansas USA


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