Robert Lee & Elizabeth E. Seitz & Their 5 Sons

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This is a picture of my grandparents in their home at Eldorado, Oklahoma. With them are their 5 sons. The son standing in the middle of the back row had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was in the same location that he had been kicked in the head by a horse in childhood.

All 5 sons went overseas in WWII and all 5 survived to come home. Cecil, the son on the left back, had a shrapnel wound. Back row l to r: Cecil W. Seitz (deceased), Alton Andrew Seitz (deceased), Elbert Lee Seitz (my father), Front row l to r: Garland Floyd Seitz, Robert Lee Seitz (deceased), Elizabeth Ewing Hopkins Seitz(deceased), and Glenn Orville Seitz

The birthdate feature on this is not working correctly, but here are the birthdates:

Elbert Lee Seitz: 17 Nov 1920
Alton Andrew Seitz: 7 Dec 1922
Cecil William Seitz: 4 Mar 1925
Orvel Glenn Seitz: 26 Aug 1926
Garland Floyd Seitz: 30 Dec 1929
at Robert , Eldorado, Jackson, Oklahoma


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