Robert McDowell of Brooklyn, NY?

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I have the original of this photo and was told that it was my grandmother's favorite uncle, Robert McDowell. This Robt was born in Brooklyn in 1852 and moved to CO @1886. The crosspiece has the number "84" which is the National Guard unit for Brooklyn. Since this Robert McDowell wasn't old enough to serve in the Civil War, it may be a different McDowell.

Mystery: Who is the soldier in this picture? It was supposedly taken after the Civil War. I was told this was a grandmother's favorite Uncle. But that McDowell was born in 1852 and was too young to serve in the Civil War. The crosspiece indicates his unit as the 84th. This was the National Guard unit for Brooklyn, NY. This uncle's father was also named Robert McDowell and he came to the US from Ireland @1850.


Barbara Curtis 2009 NY Military Museum has verified this is a genuine Civil War uniform from the buttons. I think this may be a photo of a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. Anyone know about a GAR unit of the 84th perhaps in Brooklyn, NY? If this is Robert McDowell b. 1852, he moved to Denver, CO in 1886. He married Sadie (Sarah) Freeman from NY who was born in VA in 1865.
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