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Robert & Vernon Miller, one came home the other didn't!: BROTHERS. Uncle Vernon was killed at The Battle of the Bulge. It was reported that the enemy killed American soldiers, stole their uniforms so they could fool the troops and kill more. Vernon was killed, it's said they took his heart to eat to stay alive. He died Dec 21, 1944. It took 4 years for his body to be sent home to Missouri. By this time his parents had moved to California. In 1949 his father filled out the request for a grave marker for his sons final resting place. I got to visit this place in 2012 buried at ST. Joseph Memorial Park. Uncle Vernon s story was told to me by my cousin who was there when he was delivered from the war.
in CA


Mike Bach I didn't know these details until I read this. He was a true hero.
Oct 06, 2014 · Reply
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