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Rodney S Powers family

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About Rodney S Powers

Rodney was a wonderful Husband, an amazing Father and a friend to all who met him. He loved helping people, anyone that needed a hand up could count on him. He was always laughing at things that made me and everyone one around us want to shout, no problem was too big. He was strong, wise and most of all held a heart of pure gold, it shined in his eyes. He loved children, the more the better he would say :) He is truly missed in this world, but I am sure that he is always watching over all of us from his new home in heaven. My niece ask him one time why he would help so many people that didn't seem to deserve it, his response was simply that he was building his treasures in Heaven, where I am sure that he has a fine place indeed. My love is with him forever and his with me, he lives in my heart. ...more info

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Rodney S Powers family

Rodney S Powers

Born: Mar 31, 1961
Died: Oct 17, 2002 (age 41)
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