Rough River Rafting 1900

Taken in Hartford, Kentucky United States of America in .

I was told this was in Hartford, Kentucky Feb. 1900. 22 below 0 and so much ice they had to turn back. Livermore, Kentucky. Most of these family names in this picture are from Kentucky. Name listed in the picture: Lafe Grant, James Dugan, Lee Shrader, Henry Godsby (Godsey), Hiram Morrow, Robert Shrader, Virgil Davison, Willie Heart, James Godsby (Godsey), Joe St Clair, Pete Gentry, J. F. Shrader, Leslie Godsby (Godsey), Robert Gentry, Willie Davidson, John Godsby (Godsey), Charlie Godsby (Godsey), Joe Smith, Joe Grant, Ben Boone

Loveland Hendrick S I don't think it was Colorado!!!!
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