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This is from a negative loaned to me when I was in Jr High by my "Gma", Alice Rouse. Alice's first husband was a Mr Lee and they had 2 sons, Alvin and Bill. The widow, Mrs Lee, married William L Flint, in the 60s. I believe this is one of Gma's Rouse family members. She also had a brother who wrote the book, "Montana Bullwhacker" in the 60s. I know very little about the Rouse family but have plenty of interest because this was the only gma I ever knew. She was an angel.

Mystery: I would appreciate any leads to the family of my gma, Alice Rouse Lee Flint. She had a grandson in Pablo and other grandchildren in Great Falls, Montana. We grew up together during the summer months.
at Rouse, Charlo, Montana


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