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This is a photo of Roxie Oldham's father and siblings(one may be Pearl). The woman is believed to be a step-mother. I cannot identify/name anyone other than Roxie. Roxie was supposedly born in Stroud, OK


Claudia Waters Roxie Oldham was born 1877 in Sunset, Montague Co., Texas. Her father's name (man in picture) was John Oldham (Esq.?) Roxie died in/near Olney, Texas. Her husband was Willis Samuel Rogers son of William Jackson Rodgers.
Jan 27, 2006 · Reply
Claudia Waters Roxie's father, shown, is John (maybe E.) Oldham b. Missouri, lived in Montague, TX and Stroud, Ok. The woman is believed to be her step-mother Fanny (unknown) Brown Oldham. Two of the girls should be Fanny' daughters: Ella and Lula Brown
Nov 22, 2006 · Reply
Claudia Waters I am the owner of this picture. The LadyJay email address is incorrect now as I have changed my email. Thanks
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Claudia Waters The man is JOHN E. OLDHAM (My great-grandfather). His first marriage was to SARAH ELIZABETH GOLDSMITH in Dunklin, MO.
The girl to the left is ROXIE OLA OLDHAM (My grandmother), who married WILLIS SAMUEL ROGERS (Montague Co., TX area for births) The woman is ROXIE'S step-mother, FANNY (TALLEY) BROWN. FANNY TALLEY was the sister to my Grgrandmother, MARY CAROLINE (TALLEY) RODGERS. I know FANNY is not ROXIE'S mother but am not certain SARAH GOLDSMITH is her mother as JOHN E OLDHAM could have had a second wife before FANNY. Anyone who can help with JOHN E OLDHAM, SARAH ELIZABETH GOLDSMITH, ROXIE OLA OLDHAM, I would certainly appreciate your help. Two of the other girls in the picture are probably LULA and EFFIE BROWN.
Nov 17, 2007 · Reply
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