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This is a photo of my grandfather Rubi Highland Eckman. He was born 1881 in St. James Mo. He was in the Army from 1907-1910. He married my grandma Hattie E markley on Jan 1 1911 in Rolla, Mo

Mystery: Iwould like to know what happened to Rubi Eckman. According to my grandma they went to homestead in Montana and Rubi built a house ans all furnishings for it. He went out to plow one day and later when my grandma went to take him some lunch, the oxen were tied to a fence or tree and he was no where to be found. Later in the 1920's my grandma said she recieved a clipping saying he was killed in an accident, but there is a lot of blured truth and mystery concerning this man. I would like to know what really happened to him and any other info about him too.
in USA


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