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The mystery photo is possibly of S. John and Sarah Robinson Warren were found by Melanie Shelton among her grandmother's photos. Her grandfather was William Andrew Jones, son of Malinda Warren Jones. The photo of Malinda, young is a tin- type that belonged to Lois Trice, Malinda's great grandaughter. The older picture of Malinda also belonged to Melanie Shelton. We are assuming these are who we think they are based on who owned them and family resemblances. Lois's grandfather,NB Jones, Malinda's other son, resembled Sarah Robinson Warren. William Andrew, his brother, resembled the picture of whom we believe to be S. John Warren,
father to Wm D.Warren, ElvisPresley's great, great grandfather.
in USA


Kaye Freehling Where are your Warren's from? They look quite familiar to the Warrens in my family, especially the mother and father in the picture. The father looks A LOT like my dad James Frank Warren Jr.
Oct 23, 2008 · Reply
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