San Francisco Basketball Rivera family photo
Pam Marks

San Francisco Basketball

Galileo High's "Lightweight" Basketball Team, 1932. Boys named left to right, back row to front row.

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Photo taken at Galileo High School San Francisco, CA USA on
San Francisco Basketball

Arnold Green

Born: 1893
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Arnold Green  ·  Jack Kent  ·  Fred Casassa  ·  Bruno Rosellini  ·  Oscar Rivera  ·  Harvey Cellini  ·  Alfred Pelligrini  ·  Masauki Hara  ·  George Wong  ·  Clarence La Rocca  ·  George Kaneko  ·  Stanley Rodeick  ·  Louis Falleti  ·  Fred Giorgone  ·  George Nishimoto