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Henry Hanson was kind enough to send a photograph of this photo/charcoal of Mrs. Henry (Sarah Ann Ostler) Paull -- our great, great grandmother. She was born December 4, 1824 in Mulchelney, Somerset, England and was christened the same day. Sarah immigrated in 1889 to the U.S. via the port of Galveston, Texas with husband and children. Several of her family, after experiencing the climate, mosquitos, etc. of Galveston, returned to England. Sarah Ann died Jan. 3, 1918 of mycardial degeneration caused by carcinoma of the liver, in Victoria County, Texas in 1918 - buried January 5, 1918 in Sealy Cemetery, Austin County, Texas. The portrait almost looks as if she might have experienced a stroke at one time as her face appears asymetrical and drooping on one side.
at Possibly Bay City or Sealy, Matagorda County, Texas


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