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at Lake Huron, Bay City, MI


Lynda Mullamphy HI Donna, check out this article about Michael Mulamphy advising of his death and asking for family members to contact them. It was listed in Trove Australia newspapers online. we are related to D'Arcy Mullamphy (Senior) Journalist/Newpaper editor and Tennis Player (he played in the Australian Open) and are still trying to find his parents..... he was born on a ship on its way to Australia and his parents were from Ireland ... sounds like this guy may be our connection too...... all the best...... if you find a connection there is a guy by the name on Ninnian Mellamphy in Ontario Canada who is the family historian and has all the wonderful family trees from Nenagh in Tipparart,,,,,, and yes you were right about the spelling of the name. Some people have the Mullamphy, Melamphy Mulamphy Molamphy... appearing with different spelling on the same birth certificate, so the spelling often doesnt mean its a different family.... just a spelling error..... all the best... [external link] &searchLimits=
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