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Class picture with teacher, no idea who anyone is in picture. Please let me know if you can identify any as this was in with family pictures from my Grandparents, surnames Standish and Casey.

Mystery: I have no idea who anyone is in this picture and have been unable to match faces to other family pictures I have. This was in with my Grandparents pictures. (Standish, Casey)
at Possibly Vermont, Possibly Glover or Coventry, Vermont USA


Donna Standish-Ashbery I've been able to locate where and when this picture was taken as well as the names of the people in it. The only name I can put with a face is my Grandfather, Edward Donald Samuel Standish Sr., he is 2nd from the left in the front row. This picture was taken at Coventry Public School in 1905 for school year 1904-1905. The teacher's name was Etta M. Litchfield, the School Directors (not pictured) were: S.H. Pearson, E.L. Batchelder, and Willis Graham.
The Pupils names are:
Pleasance Keys, Nina Boynton, Ethel Prue, Jasper Cummings, James Carroll, Arthur Webster, Frances Guild, Helen Keys, Loretta Putney, Lora Gladden, Georgia Prue, John Carroll, Lawrence Webster, and my Grand-Dad, Edward Standish.
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