School group  picture found in antique store Hartse family photo
LeaAnn Kaplan

School group picture found in antique store

Found in Antique Store in Bellingham, WA. School group picture. All names are listed on the back. Photographer mark on back says "Made by the Osborn Studio Dickinson, ND"

The Mystery

I think numbers are what grade they are in school (high school or college)
Back Row: 2 Harriet Hartse, 4 Bud Shepherd, 3 George Goroski, 2 Raymond Still, 3 Ralph Doubles, 2 Henrietta Bargfeld.
Middle Row: 1 Amy Storkel, 2 Clifford Hartse, 1 Marion Hartse, 1 Kenneith Jakobsen, 4 Arthur Krueger, 1 Walter Krueger, 3 Joe Goroski, 4 Mark Jakobson, 1 Jean Hartse.
Front Row: 1 Velma Jacobsen, 1 Evelyn Hartse, 1 Mary Goroski, 2 Leona Lund, 1 Mary Jane Lindstrom, 4 Grace Hammond, 4 Signe Eveson.
Freshmen second year: Tiny Bargfeld, Betty Lunder, Rosy Krisco, Donal Lunder, Keith Sanderson, Harry Hartse.

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Photo taken at Dickinson, North Dakota USA
School group  picture found in antique store

Harriet Hartse

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Harriet Hartse