September 1791 Will - Absolom Looney

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1791 Absolom Looney will names his sons Michael, Peter, Jonathan, Absolom, and Benjamin along with daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Ruth, Ann, Catharine, & Priscilla. Executors were John Smyth and Stephen Holstine. Looney & three of the associated families (sons-in-law Swanson, Calwell, & Harberson surnames) are later found in east Tennessee.. DCox-Halls Crossroads
in Virginia


Jessie Rountree I have an Absalom Looney, son of Robert and Elizabeth Looney, from the Isle of Man. My line is his brother Peter (born in 1734), in Philadelphia, PA. I don't have any info for Absalom...but would bet that it's on the net. jes [contact link]
Dec 28, 2003 · Reply
Deborah Austin How wonderful for you to put Absalom Looney's Will here. Several lines of this Looney family found their way to North Eastern Arkansas and South Eastern Missouri.
I would love to exchange notes on the Looney family. Deborah Austin e-mail [contact link]
Oct 03, 2004 · Reply
Barbara Looney I ran across this will on the internet a few years back. I am one of those Looneys in NE Missouri from the Peter line that emigrated down the Ohio TN river valley. There is an ancient old Looney cemetary my mother and I are caring for here in Shelby County Missouri with Looney headstones dating to late 1700's early 1800's. It has fallen into disrepair, and my interest has spawned after my fathers death, Edward W. Looney in '99. Also, I am trying to put together the pieces to join DAR. Any help?
Feb 08, 2005 · Reply
Sandra Fann My husband is from the Benjamin Looney line that moved to Southeast MO. Not many people are aware of this line. Would love to share info on this the Benjamin Line since it seems no one has researched it and are not aware of Looneys in SouthEAST MO.
Nov 08, 2009 · Reply
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